Thursday, January 19, 2012

A frame a day - 01/18

Jack in his element.  Orange food, red hoodie, pink blanket.  

A frame a day - 01/17

My lady Chicken is laying down on the job.  

Poor thing fell over in the grill.  

A penny for the old gal.

A frame a day - 01/13

This kids eats anything - almost.  Here, he decided to nosh only the sunflower butter portion of his snack.

A frame a day -- 01/12

My beautiful Mother, a few minutes before Jack came downstairs.  

He jumped on her with such zeal that I thought she might be hurt.

I realized, joyfully, that she was "accepted" into Jack's world in a new way.

A frame a day - 01/11


A frame a day - 01/10

Big brother leads the way.

What a beautiful day!  We went for a walk to Froggy Hollow Schoolhouse, my perfect dream classroom in a beautiful setting.  Tall shade trees in summer, the river wide, shallow, gentle and clean - perfect for enjoying with little ones.  It was cold today, but not too cold to step in the mud, dig for snails, launch stick boats and bask in the sun.  Thank you, Ms. Joelle, for inviting us!

Monday, January 9, 2012

A frame a day - 01/09

My breakfast got hijacked!  Or hiZaned, as it were.

There was a nice glamour shot, but his fork rushing in just made me happier.  

Incidentally, it is a 3 egg scramble with dill, salmon, havarti and arame seaweed.  

Zane ate half of it.